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NIPPON TELEPHONE INC. was established in June 1988. We are a leading used mobile phone wholesale trader and distributor in Japan. Based on the know how we have built up through our track record with the major telecommunication companies and our directly owned business track record, we lead the market as a pioneer in dealing with used cell phones within Japan. As of January 2016, we have a major chain of stores domestically with a total of 75 directly owned and franchised stores.

Introducing our products

The products our company deals with are clean and highly functional cell phones and smart phones procured within Japan. We handle a multitude of models from major overseas manufacturers and the main Japanese manufacturers, so we buy and sell many of the popular smart phones like iPhone, Galaxy and Xperia. Since the products we handle are of extremely high quality, we have a good reputation with a multitude of customers. Our company takes used cell phones, and having erased the data and cleaned them, fully restores them to be good quality products. Also, beyond used items, we have a wide selection of new, unused outlet goods.

Our Business Method

Accommodating our clients; Carrier, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, etc.

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About Us

We are a Globally Trusted Wholesaler and Distributor of Mobile Phones.


June, 1988
Toshiya Okada
US$ 5.67million
Sales distributor and Retailer of mobile devices, Call center administration
Eco-phones/New Phones (iPhone, Galaxy, SONY Xperia, SHARP AQUOS etc.)
- Tokyo -
Shin wa Bldg.2F, 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
- Osaka -
OAP Tower 9F, 1-8-30 Tenmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
Retail Stores
Listed on JASDAQ Company code 9425
Received privacy mark certification No. 210000841
license mark

- history -

  • June, 1988

    Nippon Telephone INC. established in Osaka, JAPAN
    Beginning phone line rental service business
    Conclude Business partnership contact with NTT

  • June, 1990

    Expand business area into Tokyo and settled Tokyo Office
    Begin agent business on mobile phone, long-distance call and its service

  • Feb., 1993

    Begin selling fixed-phone rights

  • Aug., 1994

    Conclude Outsourcing Contract with Kansai Tu-Ka company and begin agent business

  • April, 1994

    Begin selling mobile phones

  • Dec., 1995

    Receive government designation of general type II carrier, and begin selling PHS phones

  • Nov., 1999

    Obtain trademark registration on the product called "Cyber Port"

  • Mar., 2001

    Release website called "Denwa-hiku.com" which can receive application of fixed- phone lines

  • Feb., 2003

    Begin direct shop "e-BoooM" as a general selling shop of information and telecommunication products

  • June, 2003

    Rename Tokyo office to Tokyo Headquarter and begin 2 headquarter office system, Osaka and Tokyo

  • April, 2005

    Nippon Telephone Inc., listed on the JASDAQ exchange, code 9425

  • Dec., 2005

    Receive government designation of privacy mark

  • Aug., 2008

    Begin Selling and buying used mobile phone under the brand "ecoTAN"

  • July 2010

    Start recruiting franchise agent "ecoTAN shop" which deals with the used mobile phone "ecoTAN"

  • Dec., 2012

    Conclude Outsourcing Contract with the General Incoirporated Association Zendenkyo and begin agent business

  • Sep., 2014

    Establish "HKNT CO., LIMITED" a Hong Kong subsidiary

- Major Business Connection -

  • ITX Corporation
  • AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd.
  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
  • Softbank Corp.
  • Kanematsu Communications Ltd.
  • Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • Rakuten, Inc.

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